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Will my baby like the MamaRoo® motions?

Or now that I have the MamaRoo, where do I start?
These questions can both be answered by using our new app feature called Find Your Roo.

Currently in a beta phase, Find Your Roo takes the guesswork out of finding the right MamaRoo settings to soothe your little one. Simply bounce and sway with your phone in your arms, and the app will tell you which Roo™ motion & speed combinations are most like your own - creating a seamless transition from arms to swing or bassinet.


"It was very helpful to find the best settings for my baby, especially since we were having difficulty with him staying in the MamaRoo for longer than 5 minutes before using this feature. Now I can get through cooking a 15-20 minute meal!" - Brittany L.


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